Developing Android applications on a shared server

We are trying to use a shared server (Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit) to develop Android applications. The thought is that a number of developers should use the shared server for development. We have overcome some obstacles such as setting the base port for DDMS. So it is possible to run multiple emulators and multiple instances of Eclipse.

But we run into problems when trying to debug applications from Eclipse. It seems as though all emulators are trying to connect to the same Eclipse instance when debugging.

Has anyone succeeded with this?

I know that this is a really bad idea, but I need to gather facts in order to have a strong case...

Asked by: Kellan671 | Posted: 20-01-2022

Answer 1

This sounds like an absolutely horrible idea. Each developer should have their own instance of Java, Eclipse and the Android SDK installed on their local machines. To work on the same project simply share the project via a Source Control solution which resides on a shared server (CVS/SVN/Git).

Answered by: Freddie986 | Posted: 21-02-2022

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