Android MapView is not working

Logcat output:

[2010-01-09 15:47:19 - HelloMapView]------------------------------
[2010-01-09 15:47:19 - HelloMapView]Android Launch!
[2010-01-09 15:47:19 - HelloMapView]adb is running normally.
[2010-01-09 15:47:19 - HelloMapView]Performing org.example.hellomapview.HelloMapView activity launch
[2010-01-09 15:47:19 - HelloMapView]Failed to find an AVD compatible with target 'Google APIs'.
[2010-01-09 15:47:21 - HelloMapView]Performing org.example.hellomapview.HelloMapView activity launch
[2010-01-09 15:47:22 - HelloMapView]Application already deployed. No need to reinstall.
[2010-01-09 15:47:22 - HelloMapView]Starting activity org.example.hellomapview.HelloMapView on device 
[2010-01-09 15:47:23 - HelloMapView]ActivityManager: Can't dispatch DDM chunk 46454154: no handler defined
[2010-01-09 15:47:23 - HelloMapView]ActivityManager: Can't dispatch DDM chunk 4d505251: no handler defined
[2010-01-09 15:47:23 - HelloMapView]ActivityManager: Starting: Intent { comp={org.example.hellomapview/org.example.hellomapview.HelloMapView} }

When I run my application it is showing the above error. I am not able to run myMap application I used the same code what they have given in myMap application. Please help me.

Asked by: Wilson756 | Posted: 20-01-2022

Answer 1

The log message Failed to find an AVD compatible with target 'Google APIs' says it all.

You need to create an emulator that includes the Google APIs (and therefore the Google Maps library).

There's a GUI that lets you manage and create new emulator images; just run android from your SDK tools folder.

Answered by: Alford547 | Posted: 21-02-2022

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