Find position of ImageView relative to the image it's displaying

So here's the problem. I am displaying a big image in ImageView and need to find it's position relative to the image. Like this:

â•‘ Image                         â•‘ 
║──>╔═════════════╗             ║
â•‘   â•‘ ImageView   â•‘             â•‘
â•‘   â•‘             â•‘             â•‘
║   ╚═════════════╝             ║
â•‘                               â•‘
â•‘                               â•‘

Any help?

UPD: Since there were some misunderstandings I will explain the problem in detail.

I have an image. A Bitmap actually. I am displaying it in an ImageView with CENTER scale type. Assume that the image is bigger than the ImageView, so only a part of the image is displayed. I want to find the position of this part relative to the whole image.

Asked by: Ada492 | Posted: 25-01-2022

Answer 1

getTop() , getLeft() on the child view won't solve it ? And if views are not parent-child , but have same parent - do it for each view and do the math

Answered by: Abigail606 | Posted: 26-02-2022

Answer 2

The image render starts from the top-left corner of the image so even if the image is bigger then the imageview, you will always see the top-left corner.

Answered by: David803 | Posted: 26-02-2022

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