SVG support on smart-phone browsers

I am investigating SVG, so I was wondering if anyone knows how good SVG support is for browsers on smart-phones. I know Opera Mini/iPhone support a lot of SVG Tiny, but I cannot figure out the support for other browsers (Blackberry, Pre, Android, Nokia smart-phones). I know phones using IE as rendering engine will have no support at all.

I have tried to find latest data, but cannot find anything later than 2007. I would appreciate if anyone can link to a post that discusses SVG support on mobile browsers.

Asked by: Sarah906 | Posted: 24-01-2022

Answer 1

Information about this topic really is rare (but that's nothing new when we talk about SVG, unfortunately...)

There are a few test results from the Tiny Test Suite available (end of 2008): BitFlash, eSVG, Ikivo and Motorola SVG are of special interest here. Opera Mobile is not covered by this test but it uses Ikivo as far as I know.

And there is a pretty current discussion here: Until now the results of this discussion are rather poor, but maybe you can join in there...

However, considering the pain (native) SVG development causes with "desktop browsers" I would not really recommend it for mobile browsers unless you have a very specific target group (with SVG enabled devices) or other serious reasons to use SVG.

I'm sorry that I couldn't contribute more, maybe it was a little help anyway.

Answered by: Steven689 | Posted: 25-02-2022

Answer 2

As for today (Jan 2013) it looks like SVG is supported in the most popular desktop and mobile browsers - on their latest versions:

  • IE
  • Firefox Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • iOS Safari
  • Opera Mini
  • Android Browser
  • Blackberry Browser
  • Opera Mobile
  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox for Android


Answered by: Catherine554 | Posted: 25-02-2022

Answer 3

Supported browsers: iOS 5+ Android 3+


Answered by: Sawyer471 | Posted: 25-02-2022

Answer 4

Currently some people including me work on it independently.
You may find working solution in these articles:
  Android. ImageView with SVG Support.
  Android ImageView and Drawable with SVG support

Answered by: Daryl105 | Posted: 25-02-2022

Answer 5

BlackBerry actually supports SVG animation as far as OS 6, albeit imperfectly.

The same OS 6 also supports SVG image with no problem of resizing.

Answered by: Melissa355 | Posted: 25-02-2022

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