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how to solve this in android?

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Android Icon Duplicates in Application Dock

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In Android, is there a similar method to the repaint() in java?

about android emulator diskimage

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Followed the official android documentations but still could not use SQLite in app

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Disable SMS in Android

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Sending MMS using httpConnection (Android 2.1)

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Setting global styles for Views in Android

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Scala actors on android

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Android: Device Compatibility

voice recognition in android

How to manage the height of android spinner items?

Use of Android NDK

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Dynamic text view in Android?

google maps - How to calculate distance between two GeoPoints with Android MapView

java - Illegal start of expression?

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how to use getLastModified() in android for XML file creation/modicfication date check

Testing an application for Android

android - Finalizing a Cursor that has not been deactivated or closed non-fatal error

security - How to make sure an Android app was really compiled from said source code?

Android RelativeLayout spacing

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How SQLite on Android handles long strings?

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porting - Effort due to Android fragmentation

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How to create and apply styles through programming in android?

Android how to display and image from URL

is it possible to create the connectivity of android with ftp server

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UI design guidelines for Android Tablets

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Android touch issue

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Key handling in Android

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Passing a radiobutton value to the textview in android

No dx in android SDK?

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